About Us

Koana is the name of a small brand started by Yelitza Vélez while in college. One of her graphic art projects required making a brand identity, and that's when Koana was born. As a brand, Koana encompasses anything and everything that we make, be it shirts, accesories, jewelry, items for home or office, etc. Koana is young women, twin sisters, creating for other girls and young women; it is from us to you, for you.

Nadia and Yelitza

About Koana's Founders

Yelitza M. Vélez is a 20 something year old graphic artist, designer and illustrator from Puerto Rico. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, concentration Graphic Arts, which she obtained in 2006. In addition to her degree, she has attended a few art classes at a local institution, La Liga de Arte de Puerto Rico and continues to self-teach herself new techniques, styles and abilities every day. When she is not working on something art related, you can find her spending time in online communities such as DeviantArt, Facebook and GaiaOnine, where she is a moderator. She also enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends, especially her two year old niece.

Nadia L. Vélez is an artist, designer, and crafter extraordinaire! She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialty in Oil Paintings from the University Of Puerto Rico. Before becoming a full time mom to a wonderful little girl, her time was spent designing jewelry, creating unique handmade cards and scrapbook albums and of course one of a kind oil paintings. Now some of her creative talents are being put to use in making exclusive items for Koana.